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Petsies Custom Pet Plushies Review 2023: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Ingrid Yeh

By Ingrid Yeh

Petsies Product Review

Our Final Verdict

We give Petsies Custom Pet Plushies a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Variety: 5/5
Value: 5/5

What are Petsies Custom Pet Plushies?

Based in South Florida, Petsies is the sister company of Budsies, a business centered around creating adorable custom gifts and products for pet owners and their beloved fur babies. The company launched in 2013, and has since curated over 150,000 custom-made pet plushies—specially designed for each individual pet owner to closely resemble their favorite furry friend.

Whether made to be a memento of a beloved past pet, or as a unique novelty gift for a fellow pet owner, Petsies Custom Pet Plushies make the perfect gift, bringing joy and happiness to both pet parents and pets alike.

Since its launch, Petsies has appeared on SharkTank and The Today Show, featured in Oprah Magazine, and widely discussed on Buzzfeed and well-known social media platforms. In addition to custom stuffed animals, Petsies creates other adorable, personalized pet-inspired products—like plush and throw pillows, blankets, magnets, socks, keychains, ornaments, and even face masks.

The folks at Petsies are self-proclaimed “crazy pet people” who can truly appreciate the special bond between pet parents and their furry companions—so you know that every personalized gift specially made by them (by hand), is made with love. All you have to do is send them photos of your pet (the more the better!) to get your own Petsies Custom Pet Plushie order in the works.


Petsies’ Custom Pet Plushies – A Quick Look

  • Personalized pet-inspired stuffed animals make great fit options
  • A great way to memorialize a past pet or honor a current one
  • Made with high-quality materials (plush and faux fur)
  • Detailed hand-made process, including delicate airbrushing, for a realistic look
  • A bit on the pricey side
  • Can take up to 6–8 weeks to make; up to 10 weeks during the holiday (not ideal for a time-sensitive gift idea; must plan ahead!)

Petsies Custom Pet Plushies’ Pricing

Due to the extensive hand-made customization process, Petsies Custom Pet Plushies are a bit on the pricey side—running upwards of $200. The custom plushies start at $269, to be exact, with prices depending on the size and customization options you choose.

Fortunately, financing options are available for those that qualify. Using the financing program, Affirm—with 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month options available—makes getting a custom plushie more affordable for those unable to drop $200+ at one time.

There are also often sales to take advantage of, such as their pre-holiday sale—saving you up to 25% on your order.

Petsies Contents


  • Hand-made custom Petsies Plushie
  • 3 size options available: 10” mini, 16” regular, and 24” supersize
  • Material: Premium polyester faux furs, plush fabric, specialty noses and eyes, and accessories options
  • Turnaround time: production time is typically between 6-8 weeks, but during the holidays, it can take up to 10 weeks

Important Features of Petsies Custom Pet Plushies

1. Quality

Petsies Custom Pet Plushies are hand-made with love to personalize every order. It goes without saying, each and every custom pet plushie by Petsies is a true work of art. Using photos submitted by the customer of their pet, the designers at Petsies account for every detail to resemble the pet as closely as possible.

Top-tier artistry and  detailed airbrushing techniques portray genuine realism in each and every plushie. The end result is personalized, of the highest quality, and meticulously made with love.

2. Variety

As pets come in all different shapes and sizes, Petsies offers three different size options to choose from: mini (10 inches), regular (16 inches), and supersize (24 inches). This gives pet owners the most accurate sizing to resemble their beloved fur baby. While dog and cat plushies are their most popular choices, Petsies also offers their custom pet plushies for birds, bunnies, rats, guinea pigs, and even horses and pigs—making great gifts for pet owners of all different kinds of pets.


3. Value (Are Petsies Custom Pet Plushies a Good Value?)

For any pet owner who is even remotely fond of their pet, Petsies Custom Pet Plushies are of great value. Petsies is one of only a few companies to make customizable stuffed animals to look just like your pet. Each custom pet plushies is carefully crafted to closely resemble your favorite furry friend, accounting for each and every unique detail that makes them special. Petsies Custom Pet Plushies make for the perfect gift and adorable keepsake of your beloved companion(s), past or present. Few pet owners and animal lovers would argue that this unique concept isn’t extremely special and of great value.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are custom Petsies made?

Each custom Petsies stuffed animal is handmade and requires many hours of hands-on design work. The basic stages of the hand-made customization process include: design, pattern making, cutting, sewing, stuffing, airbrushing, quality control, gift packing, and finally, shipping.

How do I order a Petsies Custom Pet Plushie?

Ordering a Petsies Custom Pet Plushie is made easy on Petsies’ website. Simply start on the main custom plush Petsies page, and select the service of choice. Next, on the Creation page, submit photos of your pet (the more the better!) to customize the look of your Petsies, as well as choose from exclusive Petsies accessories options. Finally, complete the order and check out.

Do Petsies Custom Pet Plushies sell internationally?

Yes, Petsies products can be ordered and shipped worldwide. All prices listed on Petsies’ website are in USD, and prices will convert into the local currency of international orders made as soon as the transactions have been processed.

Are there shipping and handling fees involved?

Domestic shipping is determined during checkout, based on the weight of the item(s) purchased. Generally, shipping costs will increase with multiple quantities or additional items, as determined by weight.

For reference, mini and regular custom pet plushies (10” and 16”) ship for $14.95 for the first plushie, and $7.95 for each additional plushie within the same order. Supersize custom pet plushies (24”) ship for $23.95 for the first plushie in the order, with the cost of each additional plushie after that being weight-dependent.

International shipping fees are determined based on the weight of the item(s) purchased, as well as the destination. For reference, the shipping fee for custom pet plushies to most countries are: $26.95 for the first custom plushie, and $7.95 for each additional plushie within the same order.


Our Experience with Petsies Custom Pet Plushies

I am extremely pleased with my Petsies Custom Pet Plushie of my beloved 4-year old fur baby, Coco. I’m amazed at how it looks almost identical to her! Coco is a 15-pound chihuahua-terrier mix, so the 16” regular Petsie is almost the exact same size as her—something I didn’t expect! The fact that Coco and her Petsie are the same size is both adorable and hilarious. I sometimes even confuse Petsie Coco for real Coco at first glance!

Placing the order was so simple and straightforward. All I had to do was submit some photos of Coco (several from different angles) to give them as many details to work with as possible. After that, it took exactly 7 weeks to receive an update that my Coco Petsie was finished and being shipped to me. And four days later, I got it!

When we first opened the package, Coco didn’t know what to do with the Petsie. She went from confused (intrigued while keeping her distance), to curious (coming around to sniff it), to indifferent (paying it no mind), and eventually, she ended up choosing to lay next to it on the couch (without my prompting). For me, on the other hand, it was love at first sight! I love knowing that I have a life-size Coco stuffed animal to enjoy for years to come. And, not that I want to think about it, but I know I will only cherish it that much more the day Coco crosses the rainbow bridge to her better days.

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It is my sincere and humble opinion that Petsies Custom Pet Plushies are something every pet owner should consider getting—either for themselves, or for other fellow pet owners in their life. Anybody who loves their pet as much as I do will surely appreciate having a personalized stuffed animal (a life-size one, in my case) of their beloved fur baby.

The quality artistry and attention to detail that goes into creating each and every custom plushie is hard to beat, and it’s clear that every single Petsie is made with love. Petsies Custom Pet Plushies are the perfect way to honor a precious pet—past or present—and to always have something special to remember them by, for years to come.

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