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Popular Cat Breeds

Siamese cat in tree

Some of the most popular cat breeds aren’t breeds at all. Tabby cats and Calico cats are extremely popular – but they are colors, not breeds!

We include them here, along with some of the most recognizable and popular cat breeds of all time, like the Siamese, the Manx, and the Persian.

Cats that you don’t have to be an expert to identify, and the favorites that many of us remember from movies, stories and sometimes our own childhoods.

Some of these well known cat breeds have been around for centuries, others were developed through careful breeding, and some amazing cats like the Munchkin are unique natural mutations.

However they got here, these are 20 of the most popular breeds of cat available. So check them out! 

Cats Rule!Cats Rule!

Enjoy the journey and always remember…Cats Rule!

Popular Cat Breeds A to Z

Munchkin Cats

A regular sized cat on very short legs, the munchkin cat is a spontaineous mutation, and not the result of any human meddling.

These little cats are remarkably capable, agile and athletic and even have their own trademark “pose” – standing up on their little hind legs like a meerkat, to get a better look around.

They aren’t  just adorable though. Munchkins have lovely, friendly and affectionate personalities too!

Munchkin CatsMunchkin Cats

Russian Blue Cats

The Russian Blue is a beautiful, lean and sleek cat of medium size. They have plush blue fur and glimmering green eyes.

This is a very cat-like breed inclined to be picky about food, affection and housemates. They can be nervous or confrontational with new family members, and are staunchly independent.

True cat lovers adore them for their fiercely feline fickleness, and for many, no other cat will do.

There is reason why they are one of the most recognizable breeds, and although not very common, even folks who don’t know anything about cats, know Russian Blues.

Russian Blue CatsRussian Blue Cats

favorite cats

Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are unmistakable in appearance, and one of the few purebred cat breeds that almost anybody can identify. 

The classic light body color with darker extremities is called a “pointed” color pattern, and the points may be anywhere from deep seal brown to pale liliac to flame orange.

Siamese cats are not for everyone. They are a bit like having a toddler in the house, and they stay kittenish, active and demanding their whole lives.

Both the Traditional Siamese, which has a classic cat body and face structure, and the Modern Siamese, which is long, lean and exotic, with big flared ears and Roman nose, have the same outgoing, noisy and active characteristics.

If you plan to leave the cat alone, or want to be left alone yourself, there are definitely better choices than a Siamese.

If you want a playful, pestering, talkative, shoulder-riding, pant-leg climbing little kitty-demon, the Siamese is for you. Take the plunge and never look back!

Modern-Traditional-Siamese-comparisonSiamese Cats

Ragdoll Cats 

Ragdoll cats are gorgeous, jumbo-size cats with full coats and sparkling blue eyes. They are cheerful, playful and extraordinarily laid-back.

This is a cat that truly enjoys being held and will actually completely relax in your arms, giving a “Ragdoll” appearance, and thus the name.

Wonderful with children and great for bustling households – no wonder they’re popular!

Ragdoll CatsRagdoll Cats

Bombay catsTwo Beautiful Bombay Cats


Russian BlueRussian Blue
  • Bombay cats are solid black including paw pads and nose
  • Images of Abyssinians can be found on pottery and jewelry dating back thousands of years.
  • Bengal cats are a cross between domestic cats and Asian wildcats
  • Although the Russian Blue cats fur is incredibly plush, with more hairs per square inch than any other breed

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