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  • Cuppa Tea Cat Chew Toy

    Does your love of tea match your love for your cat? Cats aren't exactly synonymous with tea,…

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Cats love to show their playful side. They will be even more inclined to play with the right toy. Since cats are unique, Hepper has designed several cat toys to match your feline’s personality. Our toys come in various shapes and designs—some are even catnip-infused, like our Catnip Stick. We have a modern take on a classic shape, the Fishbone Cat Toy, and a unique Cuppa Tea Cat Toy, shaped like a teabag (but definitely more durable than one!). Both are great for cats who want something to bat around and play with throughout the day. 

For cats that like to chew, kick, and claw, our Cat Nut Cat Chew Toy will satisfy their urge to be a bit “nuts”. This toy comes in six different color patterns and is catnip infused. Hepper’s Boa Snake and Bamdoll Cat Chew Toy are also great choices for feisty felines who like to give their toys a beating (in a good way!). 

If your cat has loads of energy, entice them to use their hunting instinct on our Fish & Chews Fish Cat Toy. Hold onto the wooden handle and make the stuffed fish on the line dance around. We don’t think your cat will be able to resist trying to catch it!