Cat Utilities

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Having food bowls and comfortable cat beds are only some of the items you will need to keep your cat happy and healthy. Here at Hepper, we make sure to produce quality products that you and your cat will appreciate. 


Hydration is essential for a healthy cat. But some cats can be particular about what they drink from. Hepper’s Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain will encourage even the fussiest of cats to drink. The gentle bubbling and filtration system keeps your cat’s water crisp and clean.


To maintain your cat’s silky coat, our Deshedding Cat Brush is perfect for cats with short or long fur. No one enjoys bits of fluff in their living space. It is not fun for the cat either! This brush gently moves loose from your cat, leaving them feeling smooth and sleek. In addition to brushing your cat, Hepper also offers two different shampoos—a traditional shampoo and a waterless one for cats that are a bit timid around water. But both shampoos have a refreshing aloe and cucumber scent. 


Hepper also understands that accidents happen—even with the best trained feline. To avoid any guests detecting any odors on carpets, hard floors, or furniture, our Advanced Bio-enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray can help! This spray, combined with Hepper’s Litter Additive, your home will always smell fresh and clean.


The safety of your cat is also Hepper’s top priority. If your cat ventures outside, our Hemp Breakaway Cat Collar will help them stay out of harm’s way. The small bell let's people (and prey!) be aware of their presence. Our Harness and Leash Set is a great way to keep your cat securely and comfortably near you while out for walks or hikes in the wilderness.