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The NomNom Cat Bowl helps your cat enjoy stress-free meals with our whisker-friendly design. The wide tray keeps your floor clean by catching drips and crumbs.
  • Whisker Friendly: Dishes are shallow and wide with flat bottoms to reduce whisker fatigue and mealtime stress.
  • Clean Floors: Wide Tray catches all the crumbs and drips from your cat’s “enthusiastic” eating.
  • Bite Proof Materials: Tray is made of high quality PP plastic that is chew-proof for your cat’s safety. (No bits of silicone to swallow)
  • Easy to Clean: 2 dishes easily snap in and out of the tray.  Food safe stainless steel has no pores or cracks that can harbor food particles or bacteria, and makes it easier to wash after each meal.

Grey or White Tray with Silver Dishes

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Fit for royalty, the Hepper NomNom Bowl is your best choice for healthy eating and clean floors.

  • Do your cats have stress from Whisker Fatigue?
  • Is Cat Acne a concern?
  • Do your cats leave crumbs and drips on the floor at mealtime? 
  • Are you tired of cleaning a huge cat bowl when you only want to give a treat?

We designed the NomNom Cat Bowl to solve all these problems. And because we appreciate modern furnishings, we made it look great too!
While any cat with good taste will appreciate the NomNom Cat Bowl, the real benefits are all for you, their parent.

  • Whisker Fatigue can be a real problem for sensitive cats. Their highly tuned whiskers are environmental sensors and are always sending signals to their brain. When their whiskers hit the sides of deeper bowls, constant signals are sent, causing unnecessary stress and distraction while eating. The NomNom solves this with our uniquely designed shallow, wide bowls.
  • The NomNom Bowl keeps your floors clean – The tray forms a moat around the bowls, so if your little one is a messy eater, their kibbles will end up in the tray instead of all over your floor.
  • Stainless Steel dishes are easily removed from the base – only touch or wash what’s actually dirty. Easily separate your cat’s food – keep food in both, food in one and treats in the other, or dry food in one and wet food in the other. Your cat will be able to tell you what she prefers most.
  • Chew-Proof Materials, not silicone or soft rubber, which pets can chew and choke on small parts that they bite off.

Our pets may not care too much about how their dinner is served, but they certainly have opinions about clean bowls and fresh food. A single piece of old food stuck to the bowl can cause a picky eater to turn their nose up at the whole meal.

That same picky eater probably has no qualms about making a mess of your floor either!

Meal time manners are rare in our feline and canine friends, and they often leave lots of evidence of their Nom-Noming. As a pet owner, cleaning up after each and every meal can quickly become frustrating.

With the Hepper NomNom Bowl, your cat can have safe, stress free mealtimes and you can reduce cleanup hassles. Eating off the floor has never looked so good!

  • A NomNom is 1 Tray with 2 Dishes.
  • Wide lip on Tray catches crumbs and drips to keep your floor clean.
  • Each NomNom has two dishes for food+water, dry+wet, dinner+dessert, or whatever you choose. (10 oz each)
  • Whisker Friendly – shallow dishes are 4”x5” and only 1” deep so whiskers are not bothered.
  • Raised cat dish for level eating.
  • Dishes made from food safe stainless steel, Tray made from PP plastic.
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • 16″W x 9″D x 2″H
  • Patented, Trademarked and Registered
  • NomNom Materials: Food safe stainless steel dishes on a PP plastic tray.
  • NomNom Cleaning: Dishwasher safe. Use the top rack for the plastic tray.

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