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3 Story Cat Condo

This is the condo for cats who like to lounge around in style. With a sturdy wooden frame and natural sisal scratcher posts, the stable condo has two stories with luscious, fluffy carpets and enough places to scratch to keep any cat happy. There are dangling ball toys to play with – and even a bubble saucer at the top to sink into.


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About this item

Features -
  • Dangling ball toys for treetop playtime
  • Sisal scratching posts on every level
  • Sturdy frame with stable base
  • Two condo hidey-holes with fluffy interiors
  • Bubble saucer lounger at the top
Materials/care +

The high rise 3-story cat condo for modern cats


By their nature, cats are two things that this condo speaks to: climbers and hiders. High places help them to feel secure, and cozy hidey-holes allow them to look out at their surroundings from a place of safety.


This 3-story condo has everything to satisfy those needs.


The central tower offers two rooms on different levels with holes to peek out of and fluffy carpets to curl up on. The exterior staircase has a handy scratcher pad on every level, with enticing ball toys to swat at on the way up or down. And once your cat reaches the top, there’s a supportive bubble saucer throne to sink into.

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