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Anti Vomiting Cat Bowl

Eating is meant to be enjoyable, not stress-inducing. This anti-vomit cat bowl is tilted at the perfect angle to allow your cat to eat without putting unnecessary stress on its spine. The angled bowl along with the raised base make mealtimes more comfortable for your cat.


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Features -
  • Angled food bowl (45° tilt) reduces spinal pressure
  • Elevated base reduces cervical spinal and stomach pressure
  • 3 colors: pink, green, blue
Materials/care +

Make mealtimes more comfortable with this anti-vomiting cat bowl


If your cat is prone to barfing up its kibble, then this is anti-vomiting cat bowl for you.

You may not realize it, but flat trays and bowls are bad for your cat’s neck. They have to stretch to reach their meals, which puts extra pressure on their spine and neck muscles every time they go for a drink or grab a bite to eat. What’s worse, sitting while eating tightens your cat’s stomach muscles, leading to vomiting.

The elevation of the base combined with the angled bowl is positioned at an optimal height for most adult cats to eat from comfortably and without vomiting afterward.


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