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Automatic Cat Treat Dispenser

Activated by your cat’s mere presence, this UFO-shaped treat dispenser activates itself automatically and moves around the room shooting treats out of its spout. The four LED lights on the hull flash now and then to grab your cat’s attention while the UFO is doing its thing.

It’s ideal to make mealtimes engaging — or to help your cat lose some weight.


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About this item

Features -
  • High-tech UFO treat dispenser
  • LED light attracts your cat’s attention
  • Dispenses treats when active
  • Multiple infrared sensors
  • Shoots treats out of the hole at the top
  • Wheeled and zips around the room!
  • Ideal for play and to combat fast eating
  • Color: white
Materials/care +

This high-tech automatic cat treat dispenser doesn’t mess about


Have you ever seen a UFO shoot cat treats at your cat? This is one treat dispenser out of the left field.


Powered by batteries, the infrared sensors on the meals-on-wheels dispenser shell detect the tapping sounds your cat’s paws make when she’s nearby. The UFO moves around and entices your cat to come close with flashing LED lights.


Now and then, it propels a handful of treats into the air and scatters them about for a hungry nose to seek out. It’s great fun for your cat (and amusing to watch) — and it can be a prime option for those owners with cats who tend to inhale their food too quickly.

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