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Avocado Cat Costume

The Avocado cat costume is the ultimate cat cone to stop your pet from licking and biting at their wound. Shaped like an avocado, it comes with a cushioned design for ultimate comfort. While it stops your kitty from getting to their injury, it won’t prevent them from eating or drinking. They will also be able to play and sleep as normal. Whether you use it as a cat cone or as a cute costume, they will surely look adorable as a little avocado!


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About this item

Features -
  • Funny avocado design
  • Drawstring fastening
  • Comfortable and soft
Materials/care +

Brighten up your pet’s recovery with the avocado cat costume


After undergoing surgery, your cat will find it difficult to resist licking, chewing, and clawing at the injury site. To help keep the wound clean, dry, and healing correctly, you’ll need a comfortable cat collar. The Avocado cat costume is a fun, Elizabethan-style cone that effectively prevents your kitty from getting to the injury site.


Simply place the costume around your cat’s neck and tie it securely with the drawstring-style fastening. Made with comfort in mind, your cat will barely notice it as they go about their day. 

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