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Avocado Cat Toy

Avocados are all the rage right now. It makes tasty spreads for humans, and this tasty toy will have your cat pawing at it all day long. The avocado cat toy can stick to a wall without damaging it and opens up for you to slot in the long-lasting catnip or matatabi ball that your cat will go nuts for. 


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About this item

Features -
  • Sticks to walls with non-stick adhesive
  • Rotatable ball for added fun
  • Sleek modern style
  • Replaceable catnip or matatabi ball
  • Long-lasting ball
  • Styles: catnip ball, matatabi ball
Materials/care +

This chic avocado cat toy suits the modern cat and the modern household


If you’ve never heard the naked truth, it’s this: Cats love catnip because the aroma reminds them of other felines in heat.


This plastic avocado cat toy opens up to let you slot in a catnip or matatabi ball that your cat will scratch and chew – but can’t get out. The ball rotates to encourage your cat to play with it, and the avocado toy can stick to walls without damaging the paint.


Just don’t try to spread it on your toast.

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