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Back Seat Open Cat Kennel

Made of waterproof PVC and cloth, these gray-colored kennels are designed to make long car rides a bit more bearable.

The side unzips to hop in (or out) with ease, and there’s enough space to find a comfortable position to get strapped in — which your cat will be with the included safety leash.


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About this item

Features -
  • Safety leash included
  • Fastens to seats and headrests
  • Unzippable side
  • Waterproof material
  • Color schemes: gray with colorful interior
Materials/care +

The jaunty back seat open cat kennel for easy outings


When you mix antsy cats with bumpy car rides, you tend to end up with a smell mess on your hands. Many cats don’t handle long car journeys well. They find them stressful — all the more so if they’re cooped up in a cramped carrier while they’re jostled about.


These back seat kennels are a better solution, and they let your cat enjoy the ride at the same time.


Coming up to waist height, the kennels come with a safety leash to strap your cat in. They’re supportive but wide open enough to allow your cat to get comfortable and settle in. Should an accident occur, they’re waterproof — and the side unzips so they’re good for older cats, too.

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