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Black Cat Collar

Worried about your cat’s safety while they are out on the prowl? This black cat collar can help to ease your mind, giving your kitty maximum freedom. It features a reflective strip that glows brightly in the dark, making your pet easier to spot. It also comes with a working bell, further alerting everyone and everything around them. And besides, who doesn’t look good dressed in black?


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About this item

Features -
  • Reflective stripe for added safety
  • Bold black color
  • Bell included
  • Quick-release buckle
Materials/care +

The black cat collar that prioritizes your kitty’s safety


Let your cat roam the streets at night without worrying about their safety with this fashionable black cat collar. It features a bright reflective strip that lights up in the dark, making it easier for them to be spotted. For added security, a bell is also included in its design, making a jingle sound with every step your cat takes.


Its bold, black design gives your pet a fashionable look, while its buckle design makes it difficult for them to lose it or take it off. Your cat will truly be dressed to impress while wearing this simple collar.

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