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Black Cat Tree

Designed to fit perfectly into corner spaces, the black cat tree encourages your cat to stay off the furniture. It comes with their very own enclosed house, multiple platforms to jump on, and quality scratching posts that aren’t easily damaged. It is truly perfect for any cat that loves to blend in with the darkness of the night.


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About this item

Features -
  • Elegant black design
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy installation
Materials/care +

Allow your kitty to maneuver in the darkness with this black cat tree


Need to keep your cat off your nice furniture? Give them their own stylish furniture they can happily scratch, jump, and sleep on with this stylish, sleek black cat tree. It comes with plenty of platforms for your cat to jump across, and there are natural sisal scratching posts included in its design. 


For nervous pets, they can enjoy hiding away in the enclosed bed area or climb right to the top to feel fully secure. It has a unique shape to slip into any corner of the home, and its extra-large design is guaranteed to keep your kitty entertained while remaining off your expensive furniture. 

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