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Blue Collar Cat

Need a new collar again? These polyester blue collars aren’t prissy or fancy — they’ve got a paw print pattern, a bird-safe bell, a quick-release strap, and an adjustable collar length. The collars will fit mid-to-large-sized cats with no problem. 


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About this item

Features -
  • Pawprint cat collar
  • Quick-release strap clips on easily
  • Adjustable length
  • Bird-safe bell attached
  • Colors: blue and sky blue
Materials/care +

A blue cat collar to keep naughty paws out of trouble!


Blue is the color of many things — the ocean, the sky, last summer’s worn-out denim jeans. Some say it’s the color of sorrow, but when it comes to our cat companions, we lean more towards the bluebloods. Cats already consider themselves royalty, after all.


These polyester cat collars come with all the necessities: a quick-release strap, a bird bell to keep out of trouble, a wide adjustable length, and a paw print pattern for good measure. Gift one to your cat and try it on for size.

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