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Breathing Cat Toy

No, it isn’t taxidermy – we checked, and it’s still breathing. This handmade cat toy breathes like the real thing (even though it isn’t). Its fur is soft as a sheep’s wool, and it’s hand-washable, too… A good thing, knowing how most toddlers behave.


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About this item

Features -
  • Handmade
  • Breathes like a real cat
  • Soft and huggable
  • Hand-washable
  • Styles: white cat, gray striped cat, ginger tabby cat, ginger-white cat
Materials/care +

Give your child an extra-huggable bedtime companion with this breathing cat toy


Every toddler’s bed is guarded by an armada of fluffy toys and cuddle buddies. They all have names and designated roles, there’s always a favorite, and in the absence of a household pet to curl up with at night, this breathing cat toy might just take the cake.


It’s not just for cuddling, either – the cat breathes just like the real thing and does what cats love to do best: sleep. That makes this cat a great naptime companion to keep your child safe and happy when it’s bedtime – and its silky-smooth fur is as huggable and soft as a real cat.


Just don’t be surprised when letters to Santa start including the words “cat”, “kitty”, and “kitten” with ever-increasing sincerity. That’s between you and the man in red.

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