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Cactus Cat Scratcher

This is the cactus without the prickly bits. This large, round scratcher is durable with a solid wooden base to stop your kitty from knocking it over. The hemp rope is made from sustainable material, and the vibrant green color attracts the eye of even the most apathetic furry friend.


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About this item

Features -
  • Solid wooden base
  • Durable design
  • Vibrant colors to attract your cat
  • Sustainable hemp rope
Materials/care +

This cactus cat scratcher is made for being scratched – not the other way around


If you’ve ever owned a cactus and a pet at the same time you’ve probably got a story of how the two interacted. Painfully.


The cactus cat scratcher resembles a cactus, sure, but absent are the nasty spikes. The solid wooden base keeps it from tipping during a particularly vigorous bout of claw-sharpening, while the large, round scratching ball itself is big enough to offer a lot of places to scratch and take the punishment your cat throws at it in its stride.


Sustainable hemp is used for the string rope – and the vibrant green cactus color will stand out wherever you put it. Your cat can’t miss it.

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