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Carpeted Cat Tree

This carpeted cat tree keeps your cat’s idle claws away from your expensive handbags. With multiple scratching posts, a rope to swat, and a ball toy to lust after, the three-story tree has soft, comfortable padding and a hideout on the bottom floor.


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About this item

Features -
  • Three-story condo tree with soft padding
  • Dangling ball toy to keep your cat occupied
  • Rope to play with down low
  • Detachable perch on the roof
  • Three scratching posts keep those claws away from the upholstery
  • Ground floor hidey-hole
  • Heavy wooden base
  • Easy assembly
  • Colors: cream and gray
Materials/care +

The compact condo for the modern house cat — this carpeted cat tree is a must-have!


Here’s a carpet you won’t mind your cat tearing to pieces.


This carpeted tree is wrapped in silky-smooth padding for comfortable time-killing cat naps, and the dangling ball toy at the top and rope at the bottom give your cat something to play with within arm’s reach whenever the need arises.


Assembly is a breeze and the heavy, wooden base the tree is mounted on sees to it you won’t be tightening and repairing loose parts because the tree won’t topple easily. The perch on the top  is detachable in case you need to save space.

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