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Cartoon Cat Toy

These loveable, hand-sewn cartoon cat toy pillows pack a hidden punch that’ll make them your cat’s new favorite snuggle buddy. The secret? There’s some catnip on the inside for that extra “oomph”.


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Features -
  • Hand-sewn cartoon pillow
  • Alluring catnip toy
  • Loads of designs to choose from!
  • Options: bee, airplane, carrot, cat face, pink dinosaur, green dinosaur, yellow dinosaur, fish, fox, corgi, brown dog, carrot rabbit, strawberry
Materials/care +

You can never have enough pillows – and your cat will agree when it comes to this cartoon cat toy!


It’s natural for your bed to collect pillows over the years. Even if you only ever sleep with a single pillow under your neck, there’s a certain allure to a bed full of pillows that you can’t quite place a finger on.


When it comes to toys, your cat probably feels the same way.


Every toy is different, and cats pick between them for different reasons. Sometimes, they favor a certain smell. Other times, it’s a particular feel or color. Whatever your cat desires, these hand-sewn pillows come in every shape imaginable and they’ve all got a little catnip under the hood to make them extra appealing to your kitty. They’re small enough to fit in your pocket, making them great calming toys for sporadic trips to the vet.

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