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Cat Arch Scratcher

Keep your cat entertained and looking fabulous with the novelty cat archer scratcher. Shaped like an arch, your cat can rub against the soft material or simply walk under it to receive a pleasurable massage. It includes a small hole for you to add catnip to really grab their attention. Plus, it can be taken apart for easy storage.


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About this item

Features -
  • Durable brush to remove even stubborn hairs
  • Can add catnip to encourage your cat to use the scratcher
  • Non-slip bottom
Materials/care +

Enhance your cat’s grooming routine with this quality cat arch scratcher


The cat arch scratcher is sure to make your cat purr with delight! It comes with a unique arch design which allows them to walk underneath for an instant back massage or rub up against it. The arch is constructed with a durable brush that will help to remove as much shedding as possible. 


If your feline needs a little encouragement to start using the self-scratcher, you can always add a little catnip. There is a small hole in the bottom of the product which can be filled with catnip to tempt even the most uncertain of pets.

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