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Cat Ball Toy

Indulge your kitty’s natural chasing instincts with this fun, colorful cat ball toy. Featuring a striped design with a rainbow of colors, the balls will grab your cat’s attention and are easy to spot no matter what environment you’re playing in. Each package includes 10 soft foam balls that are gentle on your cat’s teeth while remaining durable enough not to fall apart. This cat ball toy is sure to deliver hours of fun for you and your feline friend.


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About this item

Features -
  • 5 bold color combinations 
  • Soft and lightweight material that’s gentle on tiny teeth
  • 10 balls included
  • Non-toxic materials for your pet’s safety
Materials/care +

Ramp up the fun during playtime with this colorful cat ball toy


When it comes to keeping your cat entertained, the simplest toys are often the best. Like dogs, cats love to play with balls, but they can often be difficult to keep track of. This pack of 10 multicolor balls comes in five different color combinations and is sure to keep your furry feline entertained for hours. Better yet, if one ball rolls under the couch and is too hard to reach, you can just grab another one from the package. 


Thanks to its bold design, your kitty will have no problem keeping tabs on where it is. Even if your outdoor cat is playing with it in the tall grass, you’ll easily spot it before your spouse runs it over with the lawnmower. 


These balls are made from non-toxic EVA. The soft, foam-like material is gentle on teeth but still durable enough that your ferocious feline won’t be able to tear it to shreds. These cat ball toys are a must-have for all playful cats, both young and old. 

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