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Cat Canopy Bed

Treat your cat like the king or queen that they are with this luxurious cat canopy bed. Made from self-warming plush material, this ultra-soft, half-covered bed provides your kitty with their own utopia to stay snuggled up and away from the cold. Available in 11 different colors and three sizes, it will fit perfectly in any room of the house.


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Features -
  • 2-in-1 design that can be covered or uncovered for your cat’s preferences
  • S, M, and L options for cats of all sizes
  • Extra-thick 100% poly fill for maximum comfort
  • Calming design that encourages peaceful sleeping
Materials/care +

A cat canopy bed that makes pets feel like they’re floating on a cloud


Soft, comfortable, and luxurious, this cat canopy bed is sure to be a big hit with your pet. Featuring a half-enclosed design that hugs your pet from every direction, this bed is particularly great for cats who suffer from anxiety. The minute they step into this sumptuous bed, all of their worries will melt away.


The self-warming, 100% poly fill material ensures your cat stays snuggled up throughout the seasons. For added convenience, you can machine wash the bed on a gentle cycle without worrying about it losing its shape. With 11 beautiful colors to pick from, this cat canopy bed will make you wish you were small enough to fit inside!

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