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Cat Chair Bed

These chair beds are soft as silk, fluffy, and warm. They boast a sisal scratcher pad at the back to sink some claws into, a fluffy ball toy for some mid-morning playtime, and ample space for larger cats and small ones alike. Plus, the understated color schemes blend into your home decor rather nicely.


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About this item

Features -
  • Ideal for lazybones
  • Fluffy dangling ball toy
  • Sisal scratcher pad
  • Silky-soft plush material
  • Color schemes: monotone greyscale
Materials/care +

The angled cat chair bed that doubles as a cat scratcher


It’s never easy to pick out your next piece of furniture, and it’s not like you can ask your cat for his opinion. You’ll have to use your best judgment — and this chair bed is a hot contender.


First up, it’s warm and soft. It’s like a deck chair made of feathers: warming, light on the skin (or fur), and soothing to sink into. The back of the chair has a sisal cat scratcher suspended for a good morning scratch, and there’s even a fluffy ball toy attached to give your cat something to swat at when she wants to play from the comfort of some comfy place.


Available in understated, monotone colors, the chairs are ideal for lazy-boned cats who like to sharpen their claws before they roll out of bed.

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