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Cat Climbing Tree

Your cat already loves to climb, so why not embrace her natural tendencies?

This four-story climbing tree has a host of sisal string-wrapped supports to sink some idle claws into. There’s a ball to swat, thrones to perch upon, and a lot of fluffy fabric to lounge around on all day. When it’s time to retreat to safety, the floating condo on the second floor is only a quick leap away — and the rooftop platform puts your cat almost at eye height with the whole family.


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About this item

Features -
  • Tall stepping-stone tree ideal for multi-cat households
  • Four stories to take advantage of
  • Scratching posts galore!
  • Dangling ball toy up high
  • Cozy bedding on the third floor
  • Sturdy wooden base
  • Floating condo hidey-hole
  • Viewing perch on the roof
  • Color: gray
Materials/care +

This cat climbing tree is nearly as tall as you!


Looking for something on the tall side? Cats love verticality. You’ve no doubt caught them on top of something they shouldn’t be before — so why not give them their own pulpit to roost upon?


When your cat nears the peak, there’s a dangling ball toy to pounce on, and with four stories of scratching post-supported platforms and a floating condo cave to hide out in, this stepping-stone climbing tree is almost as fluffy as your cat’s fur.

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