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Cat Condo Small

This small condo house is ideal for kittens and single cats on the smaller side. It has a hemp scratching post, a comfy perch at the top, and a ground-level cat house to hide out in and observe the surroundings from.


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About this item

Features -
  • Stable perch at the top
  • Central hemp scratcher post
  • Dangling ball toy
  • Easy-access ground floor condo
  • Color schemes: pastel
Materials/care +

The cat condo for small cats


Every kitten’s home is their castle — but every home doesn’t have to be the size of a mansion. Sometimes less is more, and, particularly for small cats and newborns, sometimes what your cat needs is a compact condo that’s easy to navigate.


This condo is a three-part deal. At the base, it has an easy-access cave-style house that’s warm, fluffy, and accessible to cats of all ages. Above that is a sturdy scratching post that holds the top-level perching pad and has a dangling mouse toy to play with. 


Young kittens might struggle to get up there, but that’s the fun of the challenge: It’s something to strive for.

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