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Cat Condo Window Box

Curious by nature, cats love to watch the world go by. This quality cat window box provides your pet with a comfortable spot to look out on passersby. Whether they enjoy people or wildlife watching, this cute window seat lets them do it in style.


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About this item

Features -
  • Attaches securely to any window
  • Available in a selection of colors
  • Cut-out paw print details
Materials/care +

Give your kitty the best seat in the house with this cat condo window box


Sold in a choice of fashionable designs, this cute cat window box lets your pet watch over their surroundings. Stuck to the window with strong suction cups, this fabulous condo features a deep base for your cat to enjoy a comfortable, concealed snooze.


The fact it is placed high up appeals to your pet’s natural climbing instinct. They will gladly trade your sofa for their very own window condo. 


Great for indoor pets, the cat condo window box is available in several different colors to match your current interior design.

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