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Cat Fetching Toy

Sometimes, it’s easier to sit back and let the toy do all the work when you’re tired and your cat is in need of some activity. This fetching toy propels fan-like plastic discs across the room – just point, shoot, and watch your little furball scramble to swat the disc before it lands. The plastic is long-lasting, meaning any inevitable gnawing action won’t wear the discs out.


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About this item

Features -
  • Shoots chewable discs across the room
  • Ideal for young cats
  • Discs designed for flight
  • Made from long-lasting material
  • Colors: blue, green, red
Materials/care +

Teach your cat a dog’s favorite game with this cat fetching toy


Dogs will play fetch with anything you can throw, and they’ll happily parade their prize around for all to see. Even if it’s a stick three times their own size that they can barely lift.


Cats, sadly, won’t do this. But they can be encouraged to play a game or two of fetch with the right motive. Granted, the one doing most of the fetching will be you when it’s time to clean up, but it’s a start, at the least. 


This cat fetching toy is made to last and shoots flexible, chewable plastic discs across the room for your cat to high tail it after. It’s particularly suited to younger cats. Younger cats have a greater need to chew and bite things and they tend to be more excitable at fast-moving things and novelty.

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