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Cat Fishing Pole Toy

This cute and colorful cat fishing pole toy is a joy for you and your kitty to play with. Available in four novelty designs, this simple yet effective toy is guaranteed to provide plenty of laughter as you watch your kitty try to pounce on the adorable character attached to the rope.


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About this item

Features -
  • 4 designs, including a pink flower, unicorn, giraffe, and bean sprouts
  • Toy is firmly secured to the pole to ensure it doesn’t get pulled off
  • Interactive toy you can both enjoy
  • Bell included on every pole
Materials/care +

Your typical cat fishing pole toy featuring adorable and whimsical characters


Give your kitty plenty of exercise with this cat fishing pole toy that is too cute to handle. The goal is simple–use the toy like a fishing pole to entice your cat to chase the plush toy around your home. 


The pole and rope lengths are plenty long enough to keep your hands protected from razor-sharp claws, and the plush and plastic materials are some of the easiest to keep clean. With four charming designs available, this colorful toy will wear your cat out, helping to ease anxiety while building your bond with your feline companion.

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