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Cat Furniture Protector (No Scratch or Claw)

Have you shed more than a few tears over the loss of your once mint-condition leather sofa? What about perfect dining table legs that are now marred with cat claws? We love our felines more than anything, but we shouldn’t have to resign ourselves to ruined furniture. This pack of two ultra-thin vinyl cat protectors works on any surface and can be cut down to match the exact size of your cat’s favorite scratching surface. No more crying over clawed couches or cabinets, your interior is safe! 



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About this item

Features -
  • 2 ultra-thin, transparent, non-toxic vinyl material

  • 10 twist pins to secure vinyl to fabrics

  • Suitable for all surfaces from fabric to wood

  • Extra-large design for maximum coverage

  • Final size is completely customizable 
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