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Cat Grooming Brush

This multi-functional grooming brush takes care of dirt, dander, fluff, and knots. The brush head is double-sided for every kind of grooming need, the grip won’t slip out of your hand, and it’s waterproof to boot. Mount it on a hook on the wall when you’re not using it to keep it within reach.


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About this item

Features -
  • Multi-functional grooming brush with double-sided head for knots, shedding, and general grooming
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Handles long and short fur coats
  • Wide-spaced side thins and removes shedding
  • Dense-spaced side tackles tough knots and tangles
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor cats
  • Hook-mounting ring
  • Waterproof material
  • Colors: blue and pink
Materials/care +

The double-sided cat grooming brush for double-trouble action!


It’s not a barber’s tool — though you’d be forgiven for thinking that after glancing at the picture.


No, this grooming brush is designed for every kind of grooming need. It’s multi-functional by nature and handles knots, loose hair, dander, and dirt effortlessly. That’s thanks to its double-sided brush head. The six-headed side with widely spaced brushes is good for a quick grooming session or removing loose hairs. The other, eleven-headed side gets at tough knots and matted fur like there’s no tomorrow.


It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor cats, can be mounted on a hook, and is made from waterproof material. Simply rinse it off under a tap or in a shallow water bath to clean it.

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