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Cat Hammock Swing

Available in multiple sizes and a rainbow of colors, these hammock swings can be suspended all over your house. The straps are adjustable and the soft, Oxford fabric is waterproof. What more could you want in an ideal hammock for your favorite furry face?


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About this item

Features -
  • Hanging swing hammock for cats
  • Adjustable strap length
  • Flexible
  • Double-lined material
  • Helps your cat to cool off
  • Waterproof Oxford cloth
  • Breathable and comfortable fabric
  • Styles: navy anchors/blue, navy/beige, dinosaurs/blue, blue cats/white, stars/white, forest/white, yellow grid/yellow, beige grid/beige, Eiffel Tower/white, city/white, rocking horses/pink, and checkered lattice
  • Sizes: S, M, and L
Materials/care +

Who needs a day out at the park? Bring the swings to your cat with the cat hammock swing


Sometimes “simple” does the trick. This cat hammock is just that — simplicity at its best.


Available in three sizes, the hammock is attached to an adjustable strap harness with clip-on snap rings at the end. It can be suspended from any place that will support a cat’s weight — curtain rails are always a great choice.


The hammock allows your cat to feel weightless, but supported, and she’ll love it if you hang it up somewhere there’s interesting stuff going on (like near a window). The material is double-lined and waterproof (accidents!), and there are a wide range of vibrant colors and styles to choose from.

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