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Cat Kick Toy

This cat kick toy is designed to help you join in the fun during your cat’s playtime. Simply attach the pet collar to your leg and watch as your feline friend dives after the feather stick trailing behind you. Guaranteed to help beat boredom, this hands-free toy can also be attached directly to your cat for hilarious results.


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Features -
  • Feather design triggers your cat’s hunting instinct
  • Can be attached to you or your cat 
  • Detachable when not in use for easy storage
Materials/care +

Watch your ankles as your cat attacks this unique cat kick toy


Need a toy that will keep your cat entertained while you work, run errands, or do chores? When you don’t have time to keep your frisky feline entertained, this fun-packed cat kick toy is an amazing investment. 


The toy features a cat collar attached to a feather on a stick. You can wear the collar on your leg and walk around or put it on your kitty for hands-free play. The feather continuously attracts their attention, just like a bird. When not in use, you can detach the different pieces, making it super easy to store away. With the cat kick toy, your feline will never be bored again.

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