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Cat Lounge Chair

Like a luxury armchair for your cat, these loungers are tilted for added comfort and wrapped head-to-toe in soft plush cloth.


There’s a fluffy ball toy for a little post-catnap playtime and a sisal scratcher pad to sharpen those claws after waking up. The chairs come in subtle monotone colors that will match your interior style no matter what it is.


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About this item

Features -
  • Deep-seated for calming catnaps
  • Fluffy ball toy to swat
  • Sisal scratcher pad at the back
  • Soothing plush cloth material
  • Color schemes: monotone greyscale
Materials/care +

The cat lounge chair for cool cat catnaps


Cats and catnaps go together like peaches and cream. No cat ever goes for more than a few hours without grabbing at least one comforting catnap. It’s in their bones, and it’s no secret:


Angled to sink even deeper into, this plush cloth lounge chair is the right sort of fluffy for your fluff ball cat companion. Soft, wide-open, and warm, it makes for the perfect place to curl up, get comfortable, and dream of chasing rodents across the pride lands.


There’s a sisal scratcher pad at the back in case your cat wakes up just before the pounce, and a fluffy ball toy to swat at when she gets bored (but feels too lazy to get up and chase after a different toy). The lounger chairs come in subtle monotone colors and have enough space for even the larger adult-sized cats out there.

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