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Cat Paw Toy

It pays to have toys at paw’s length around the house. This cat paw toy comes with two rods, four separate, detachable toys, and a suction cup to mount it on a wall or secure it to the floor. The toys resemble a cat’s natural prey of choice and they’ll excite your little house predator when you least expect it.


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About this item

Features -
  • Stimulates hunting behavior
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Comes with handheld model and suction cup model
  • Suction cup sticks to smooth surfaces
  • Removable stick from suction cup
  • 4 toys included
Materials/care +

This cat paw toy is fur-tastic for lively bouts of harmless fun

Cats are graceful at the best of times, but, as with children, sometimes it’s just too quiet in the other room. Until you hear a loud crash, that is, and remember you left a piece of glassware a bit too close to the edge of the kitchen counter.


Cats break things when they’re on the lookout for something to do. Expensive things, usually — unless you give them an alternative.


This paw toy comes with a suction cup that mounts onto any smooth surface, meaning you can put it up as a peace offering wherever your cat likes to break things. The rod detaches easily when you’re up for some one-on-one playtime with your cat yourself, and there are four bird toys to choose from to keep your cat engaged (or replace the broken ones with). Each bird comes with long plumage that’s irresistible to even the most apathetic of cats, and there’s a second rod included should you want to dazzle your kitty with some double trouble action.

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