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Cat Piano Toy

Your cat might be complicated, but its toys don’t have to be. This cat piano toy won’t play a chord in A minor—or any music, for that matter—but it will give your cat hours of playtime fun. This cat piano toy boasts a simple mechanism. Press down on one button and watch a bobblehead pop up for your cat to pounce on.


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About this item

Features -
  • Stimulates play with an engaging mechanism
  • Great for cooperative play
  • Non-toxic animal bobbleheads pop up for a game of whack-a-mole
  • Options: 3 holes, 5 holes
Materials/care +

This cat piano toy can’t play Beethoven – but it will keep your kitty coming Bach for more

There’s a certain amusement to be had whenever your cat is in a playful mood, fascinated by something. You know the look.


The ears prick up and your cat tilts its head, trying to puzzle out what’s going on.


This piano toy is just the right kind of curious to elicit that same look from your cat. Simply press down on one of the wooden keys and watch your cat swipe away at the cute bobbleheads that protrude.


If you have multiple cats and you’re lucky (or conniving), you might find them playing the whack-a-mole piano in tandem. Make sure to keep a phone handy – that’s a moment you’re going to want to capture on camera!

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