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Cat Scratcher Condo

The incredible cat scratcher condo is a four-story, 2-in-1 scratching post and condo. After sharpening their claws, your cat will excitedly jump from platform to platform, getting up high to survey their environment. Available in different colors, this innovative scratcher will look sleek and stylish in all houses.


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About this item

Features -
  • Four-stories
  • Adjustable height 
  • Easy assembly
  • Keeps cats off the furniture
  • Solid and sturdy platforms
Materials/care +

Give your cat a penthouse view with this cat scratcher condo


Make your kitty’s dream come true with this floor-to-ceiling cat scratcher condo. Taking them way up high, your cat will be in their element as they scratch, climb, and survey their environment from above. 


Its main purpose is to keep your cat’s claws off your furniture while providing a safe place for them to sleep and relax. As much as you love your cat, you don’t want their claw marks showcased around your home. This stylish condo solves the problem, encouraging them to scratch the numerous posts included in its design. 


Available in three color options, the cat scratcher condo is popular with cat owners across the globe. It will even fit in nearly any home because of the adjustable bar on top. Installation is a breeze, so your cat will be relaxing at new heights in no time.

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