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Cat Scratcher Refill

Is your cat’s scratching post starting to look a little worse for wear? This cat scratcher refill is exactly what you need to breathe new life into your old, tired pole. Made with durable materials, the refill pole is scratch resistant and tall in size. This lets your kitty climb up the pole, as well as use it to sharpen those claws.


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Features -
  • Simple, convenient, and practical design
  • Scratch resistant
  • Super-strong structure
Materials/care +

Breathe new life into your cat’s scratching pole with the cat scratcher refill


Need to replace your cat’s old, tired-looking scratcher? This cat scratcher refill is an ideal solution, providing a high-quality replacement pole to fit many different scratchers. Your cat can climb up the pole, as well as use it to sharpen those killer claws. It is also made from superior quality products to guarantee a generous lifespan. 


Use it alone for the perfect cat scratcher, or as a replacement for a condo scratcher pole. The wooden structure remains strong, while the hemp rope is soft yet durable. This is the perfect replacement pole for your kitty condo.

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