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Cat Scratcher Tower

You’ll have a hard time trying to coax your kitty out of this fabulous cat scratcher tower. Designed like a mini treehouse, your cat can use it to play, sleep, and scratch the day away. Its unique cactus design will look fabulous in the home, and you’ll find it a breeze to assemble.


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About this item

Features -
  • Cute cactus design
  • 3-in-1 tower featuring a bed, scratching post, and toy
  • Suitable for multiple pets to use at the same time
Materials/care +

A cactus-inspired cat scratcher tower for cats that like to lounge in the sun like a lizard


With its fun, novelty cactus design, the cat scratcher tower is sure to be a big hit with your furry friends. This innovative product doesn’t just give your cat a fun place to sharpen their claws, it also provides a private place for them to lounge, sleep, or play. While it may boast a large, spacious design, it is surprisingly lightweight. This makes it easy to transport around the home.


Thanks to the multi-layered perches included in the tower, more than one playful feline can use the post at the same time. It comes with a wide, stable bottom to prevent it from tipping over. Your cats can truly feel like they’re at a desert oasis while having fun in the process.

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