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Cat Sling Carrier

These soft messenger bags are a great alternative for taking your cat out and about with you. Ideal for shorter trips, the bags have a wide shoulder strap to distribute the extra weight evenly and have a safety latch to prevent your cat from falling or leaping out.

When you’re not using it, the bags fold up into a tight and compact package.


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About this item

Features -
  • Soft messenger bag carrier to keep your pet by your side
  • Folds up and clips together for easy storage
  • Wide and comfortable shoulder strap
  • Two pockets for on-the-go treats
  • Safety latch keeps your pet in the bag
  • For pets up to 5 kg
  • Colors: black, grey, beige, brown, red, and navy blue
Materials/care +

This cat sling carrier will put your cat at ease

Want to carry your cat around like a handbag? These cat sling carriers have you covered.

Coming in a variety of chic colors, the messenger bags let you hold your cat close while you navigate the great outdoors. They’re ideal for small-sized cats owing to the lesser weight — and the safety latch will keep your critter by your side and not running off in search of a solo adventure.

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