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Cat Spiral Toy

Bright, flexible, and bouncy, this simple yet effective cat spiral toy encourages your kitty to have fun while staying active. Supplied in packs of 4, 8, 10, and 20, you can connect the springs to produce a larger, multicolored toy, or keep them separate for hours of entertainment. 


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Features -
  • Supplied in packs of 4, 8, 10, and 20
  • Random colors provided in each pack
  • Bounces erratically to keep your cat’s attention
Materials/care +

Put a spring in your cat’s step with the cat spiral toy


Just like kids, cats love springs. This colorful cat spiral toy will keep your kitty on its toes as it bounces around erratically. Supplied in random multicolor packs, you can let your furry feline play with each one separately or combine them all together for a bulkier, more colorful toy.


The springs are small, flexible, and incredibly lightweight. You can even stretch them out or twist them into shapes. Thanks to its plastic construction, you’ll find them easy to keep clean and you can choose from packs of 4, 8, 10, and 20. 

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