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Cat Stroller with Detachable Carrier

If you find standard pet carriers uncomfortable to use, this cat stroller with detachable carrier could be just what you need. Whether heading to the vet, on a hike, or on holiday with your feline, this convenient carrier is super comfortable to use.


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About this item

Features -
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Detachable carrier
  • 8 fun color options
  • 360° rotation
Materials/care +

Stroll through life with ease with this cat stroller with detachable carrier


If you struggle with standard pet carriers or you simply want to make transporting your cat easier, this cat stroller with detachable carrier is the perfect choice. Designed to be pushed just like a baby’s stroller, you’ll find it much more comfortable to use than backpack and traditional-style carriers.


The handle is made from rubber, ensuring it is comfortable to push for long periods of time. When needed, you can detach the carrier and fold up the stroller frame. For added convenience, its wheels can rotate by 360°. They also absorb shock to help your cat enjoy a smoother ride.


The cat stroller with detachable carrier provides a fashionable way to transport your cat absolutely anywhere. 

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