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Cat Toy Bird

Bring out your cat’s inner predator with this fun, retractable cat toy bird. Hang it from doorways, windows, or walls thanks to its powerful suction cup design. As the bird is suspended, it helps to encourage your cat’s natural hunting instinct and will have them pawing and pouncing at the bird as it gets flung through the air. This cat toy bird can truly keep your cat entertained for hours.


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About this item

Features -
  • 4 unique bird designs 
  • Suction cup can be stuck to nearly any surface
  • Elastic string simulates real bird movements
Materials/care +

Treat your ferocious kitty to hours of fun with this colorful cat toy bird


Cats love nothing more than to hunt and pounce on their prey. This bright, realistic-looking cat toy bird takes advantage of your kitty’s natural instincts, giving them something to hunt and catch as it soars through the air on its elastic string.


The bird toy is held in place by a powerful suction cup that can be attached to windows, doors, and walls around the home. As the bird is suspended mid-air, it attracts your cat’s attention just like a real bird. Each design even uses real feathers to create the most realistic experience possible for an indoor cat. 


Because there is so much movement involved, you can keep your cat entertained and exercising for hours without them getting bored. Catching birds is hard work, so they’ll be ready to settle down at the end of each day.

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