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Cat Treat Dispensing Toy

Whether you want to give your kitty pause for thought or make treat time a fun, interactive event, this cat treat-dispensing toy forces your cat to think about how to get at the good stuff within. The mouse rolls around dispensing treats with multiple holes to get at them. Simply unscrew the mouse head to fill it back up again.


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About this item

Features -
  • Interactive treat dispenser
  • Challenges your cat to think
  • Slow feeder for fast eaters
  • Colors: white mouse, pink mouse
Materials/care +

This cat treat dispensing toy makes your kitty think about its food


Cats love their food. It’s why they scratch your headrest and meow in the morning to get you out of bed, into the kitchen, and filling up their bowls.


The problem some cats huff their food down like they haven’t eaten in a fortnight. This toy dispenser slows your cat down and turns kibble and treats into an interactive game of cat and treat-dispensing mouse. It’s ideal as a slow feeder and to enhance your cat’s ability to problem-solve.


Just don’t put wet food into it. That will make a mess.

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