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Cat Treat Toy

With its futuristic robot design, the cat treat toy is a fun, effective way to keep your kitty distracted. As they paw at the toy, it will gradually release treats or pieces of food for their enjoyment. Not only does this keep your cat’s attention for long periods of time, but it also helps to slow down digestion for super-fast eaters.


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About this item

Features -
  • Tumbler balance design
  • Toy and food dispenser
  • Keeps cats mentally and physically stimulated
Materials/care +

Help combat boredom and boost your kitty’s intelligence with the cat treat toy


With this cat treat toy, your cat will never be bored again. Benefitting from a super-cute novelty design, it is available in multiple color options to suit your pet’s unique style. Not only does it help to reduce boredom, but it can also relieve boredom, slow down fast eaters, and provide hours of fun for your cat.


The interactive toy doesn’t run off electricity. Instead, it moves whenever your cat touches it. The tumbler design ensures it won’t tip over, no matter how rough your cat is with it. As it moves backward and forwards, the toy will release a small number of treats. You can also fill it with food during mealtimes to help stop your cat from eating too fast


If you want a toy that will boost your cat’s mind as well as keep them well occupied, this 2-in-1 cat treat toy is ideal. 

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