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Cat Tree With Hammock

These luxurious trees are three stories tall with solid bases and anti-topple straps to keep them as immovable as your cats will be when they’re lounging around in the hammock and saucer beds. There are enough scratching posts to satisfy any cat’s whims, assembly is easy as pie, and there’s a handy ball toy mounted in the rafters in case kitty starts to feel a smack of boredom coming on.


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About this item

Features -
  • Cat tree with a hammock in the basement
  • Three stories
  • Anti-topple strap included
  • Hanging saucer for weightless nap times
  • Lounger perch up high
  • Dangling ball toy
  • Multiple scratching posts 
  • Solid wooden base
  • First-floor condo with balcony and step ladder
  • Easy assembly
  • Colors: chocolate, velvet blue, gray, silver, and tan
Materials/care +

Cat tree, hammock, condo, lounger — for the indecisive cats out there


Hammocks give the feeling of being weightless and afloat in the air — and cats tend to love them just as much as humans.


These richly tinted cat trees come with a hammock in the basement to make your cat fall in love with it — and the bevy of other sleeping and perching spots mean she’ll never want to leave. There’s a hanging saucer bed further up the tree and a house with a balcony and two doors to peer out of. The tree is easily assembled in minutes — and it comes with a handy anti-topple strap to fix it to a wall.

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