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Cat Tree With Litter Box

This multi-purpose cat tree does things a little differently with a convenient, enclosed space for kitty litter at the base. It has a saucer bed, high perch, and plenty of spots to sharpen twitchy claws. The roof perch is detachable and comes with a dangling toy, and there’s a cat safehouse hovering right in the center of this centerpiece.


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About this item

Features -
  • Large cat tree with in-built litter box at the base of the tree
  • Litter box can double as a large hideaway
  • High perch and saucer bed
  • Plenty of scratching real estate
  • Dangling ball toy
  • Refuge in the center with a hovering, cushioned-out kitty condo
  • Scratcher and lounger mat 
  • Detachable rooftop perch
  • Colors: brown and black
Materials/care +

The cat tree with a litter box that doubles up as a mansion



Lounger mats, a dangling ball toy, scratching posts, and a saucer bed: this 2-in-1 cat tree has it all and then some.


Shipping with a large, private litter box at the base that can double up as an equally large, private hidey-hole if that’s your jam, this cat tree has plenty of nifty perching spots and a mid-height kitty condo for your cat to unwind in.


You could even use it to store accessories and sundries for your cat. Just don’t put treats in there unless you want your kitty to stick her nose through the hole and steal them on the regular.

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