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Cat Wand Toy

Teaser toys are some of the most popular types available and are loved by kitties of all ages. This incredible cat wand toy is one of the best teaser toys you can invest in for your playful feline, letting you control exactly how it moves and interacts with your pet. It even comes with a bell and is made with real feathers to keep your cat interested and bring out their natural hunting instinct.


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Features -
  • Handheld, interactive design helps you and your kitty bond
  • Provides fun and exercise 
  • Mimics natural cat behavior 
  • Made with real feathers and a bell for extra stimulation
Materials/care +

A cat wand toy to bring you and your kitty closer together


This manual, colorful cat wand toy has become a favorite amongst cats and their owners. It comes with a real feather design, grabbing your pet’s attention as you wave it through the air. As the wand is manually controlled, you can direct it anywhere you want to, making your cat chase it around the room for additional exercise.


For an extra element of fun, a bell is included on the feather, jingling as it moves to make it easier for your cat to follow. The materials are also easy to clean and only require a quick wipe from a damp cloth. This interactive toy is going to give you and your kitty cat hours of fun and laughter.

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