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Corner Litter Box

Reduce unpleasant odors in every room with this spacious, high-walled corner litter box. Featuring a neutral gray design, your kitty will have plenty of room to turn around and bury its waste. The higher walls give them a sense of privacy, while also ensuring no litter is kicked out onto the floor. Tuck this litter box into any corner of your home and forget that it’s even there.


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About this item

Features -
  • Detachable design 
  • High walls to reduce mess and increase privacy
  • 2 spacious sizes
Materials/care +

Tuck this corner litter box away and forget that it’s even there


With its high walls and spacious layout, your cat will love to use the corner litter box. It is built with a fully detachable design, making it super-easy to clean. The high walls don’t just prevent litter from being kicked out of the box, they also provide a little extra privacy than a standard litter box. As an additional benefit, it also helps to better control odors, keeping the home smelling fresh.


You can choose from a variety of sizes to best suit your pet, and the neutral gray design will look great in any home. Plus, the square shape is perfect for fitting into the smallest corners of your home.

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