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Covered Litter Box

This covered litter box affords your cat some privacy while relieving himself – and looks good while doing it! The flap is easy to open and helps to keep foul odors at bay, and the slatted step wipes your cat’s paws as he climbs back out. Overspill is nothing to worry about — and the litter box comes with a poop scoop that’s colored to match.


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About this item

Features -
  • Enclosed space for private relief
  • Removable upper section for easy cleaning
  • Filtering step removes excess litter from your cat’s paws
  • Cat flap for added privacy
  • Scoop included
  • Reduces splash and overspill
  • Keeps nasty smells contained
  • Colors: purple, blue, and pink
Materials/care +

Give your pet a little added dignity with this covered litter box

Cats are private and withdrawn creatures. When they show affection, it’s because they choose to do so — and it’s because you have earned their trust.


So, why not reward the faith your cat places in you with a private place for her to answer nature’s call? This covered litter box has a cat flap for a sense of seclusion, and the removable top section and included scoop make it a breeze to get rid of excess waste. What’s more, it’ll help to keep foul odors contained, and the slatted step wipes your cat’s paws clean of any litter that sticks to them.

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