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Cozy Calming Cat Blanket

Give your cat the comfiest place to curl up and fall asleep with the cozy calming cat blanket. Ideal for use at home or in the car, this unique blanket is available in many different colors and sizes to suit all breeds. Complete with a waterproof layer, it is ideal for accident-prone kitties, while its anti-slip design ensures it won’t move out of place.


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About this item

Features -
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Waterproof layer
  • Unique chair-style design
  • Removable, machine-washable liner
Materials/care +

A throne for the coldest cats called the cozy calming cat blanket


Looking for a way to keep your cat warm and comfortable this winter? The cozy calming cat blanket is the perfect investment. Offered in a variety of colors and a fantastic choice of sizes, this innovative blanket can be used throughout the home for maximum comfort. 


Your cat will love the cozy calming cat blanket so much they won’t want to leave it. It even features a removable and machine-washable cover thanks to the zipper fastening. Plus, the anti-slip and waterproof materials are two features you can’t ignore. This is truly a blanket fit for the king or queen of the house.

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