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Cuban Link Cat Collar

Your cat will feel like the leader of the pack with this Cuban link cat collar. With its bold design, this cool-looking chain demands attention and is created from quality materials. The metal construction opposed to traditional fabric will last way longer than the collars you’re used to buying, so your cat will feel as fearless as they look.


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About this item

Features -
  • Chainlink design
  • Bell included
  • Jewelry fastening
  • Choose from gold or silver
Materials/care +

Your kitty will be the talk of the town with this Cuban link cat collar


Your cat will walk with swagger when they are wearing this Cuban link cat collar. Available in silver or gold styles, it benefits from a necklace design complete with a jewelry fastening. There is no way your cat is getting this collar off once the fastening has been secured.


There is a bell added to the collar, which helps to reduce the chances of your cat catching local birds and mice and delivering them to your doorstep. They also won’t be able to carry out any more sneak attacks on your feet and legs. Thankfully, the aluminum material is easy to clean by hand. If you’re looking for something bold that makes a statement, this could be a perfect choice


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